Cookie Policy

Cookies are used on this website in order to remember your preferences and make navigating the website easier. Cookies enable us to analyze visitor behavior and optimize our website. Third parties, such as Google Analytics, place cookies as well to improve and optimize the website.

Below you can read more about what cookies are and which cookies we use.

What are cookies

Cookies are small files that analyze and remember your websurfing behavior. This data is stored on your computer and can be found in the temporary Internet files folder. The internet browser checks for files while visiting a website and, if matches are found, will adjust your preferences and settings based on stored cookies.

Through the use of cookies, our website gains insight into how you use it and ensures that you see relevant information. In addition, cookies are also used for marketing purposes.

Cookies can be divided into various categories. These are described in more detail below.

Functional and necessary cookies

Certain cookies are indispensable for a properly functioning website or to be able to follow the actions you have selected, such as automatic login or remembering products in your shopping cart. If such cookies are disabled, this can result in a website that does not function optimally.

Analytical cookies

These cookies are used to collect information. Such information gives us insight into which pages are visited most frequently and how they are used. With this information we can optimize the website and improve the user-friendliness for you as a visitor.

Social media and external cookies

When you use social media and are logged in to one of the mediums, you can use additional functionalities. This includes sharing information via social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. For cookies that collect information via third parties, please refer to the statements made by relevant parties on their own website. Please note that these can change regularly and we have no influence on their statements on this matter.

Unforeseen cookies

Due to the way the internet and websites work, we may not have a complete understanding of cookies placed by third parties. This is particularly the case if so-called “embedded elements” are incorporated in a web page. Embedded elements are texts, documents, images or videos that are stored with another party but are displayed on our website. A good example of this is a YouTube video that can be viewed on a web page of ours.

Delete cookies

In your internet browser you can choose to delete cookies automatically or manually. You can view the possibilities you have on this matter by using the help function of your internet browser. If cookies are deleted in your browser, they can be used again after permission has been given when visiting our website.

Disable cookies

It is possible to set your internet browser in such a way that cookies are not accepted. You can find out how to set this up via the help function of your internet browser. You should take into account that certain parts of our website will not function optimally when cookies are blocked or disabled.

Which cookies does EmdaWear use?

EmdaWear uses the following cookies.

Name Provider Expires after What purpose
Functional cookies
PHPSESSID EmdaCare End of session Used to store preferences and for the functioning of the website.
WooCommerce, WordPress EmdaCare End of session Used to make it possible to select products, add to shopping cart, buy and how your account works.
Analytical cookies
_ga Google Analytics 2 years Used to generate static data about how the visitor uses the website through a unique ID.
_gid Google Analytics End of session Used to generate static data about how the visitor uses the website through a unique ID.
_gali Google Analytics End of session Used to generate static data about how the visitor uses the website through a unique ID.
Other cookies
_hjIncludedInSample Hotjar End of session Used to determine whether to register the user’s navigation in a particular static indication.
_hjRecordingEnabled Hotjar End of session Used to keep track of the visitor’s navigation flow in order to optimize the website


EmdaMed B.V. and EmdaPlast B.V. reserve the right to make changes to this statement. We recommend that you consult this statement regularly in order to always be aware of its content.